Gin for Fundraising

We want to help your cause

We see so many people here in Tasmania or on the mainland doing amazing and noble things for their community and environment. At McHenry Distillery we would love to help them all but we can’t.

So, one night we sat down, over a splash as we sometimes do… and pondered how we could help with what we have.

The resulting idea was ‘Gin for a cause’. We believe it’s a perfect and beneficial plan for your charity or cause.

Quite simply, we produce a special run of our Classic Dry Gin for your cause.
We will create bespoke labels for your bottles, detailing the specifics of your charity. You set the retail price and we put them up on our website for sale.
You promote your cause, send people to the site and they purchase a bottle.
We provide the gin, bottles and labels at wholesale cost, we pay the GST, postage and handling as well.


Liquor laws mean we are required to sell all the product and we do this via our website. The sale price includes packaging and postage.
You commit to a number between 100 to 200 bottles.
For every bottle of gin sold we give your charity the difference between our costs and the retail price – this can amount to up to $20 per bottle.
Once we have sent out all the orders we make out a cheque to your charity.

Simple, profitable and flavoursome. Cheers to that.
Here’s how we’ve helped some charities recently.

  • Gunners Gin – Latrobe Hockey Club
  • White Lion Bailout 2018

If you are interested, please contact us to discuss your needs.