Gin Lab

Become a distiller for the day in an exclusive gin-making workshop
held at the Distillery.

The Experience

‘See one, do one, teach one’ – proverb

McHenry Distillery has always been driven by passion, research, experimentation, testing and sharing.

The tight community of distillers in Tasmania realised early on that a healthy industry is a long-term industry. Consequently, there’s a rich sharing of ideas and techniques among everyone. McHenry’s is no different. There are no secrets here; we are an open cask. So, join us and discover the many wonders of gin.

Gin Laboratory – Workshop guide

The workshop itself is a tour through the ages. Learn how gin has evolved from a simple medicine made by shepherds in Italy, to the sophisticated international drink it has become today.

The Process:


We will guide you by your taste buds through well-known brands of gin while unlocking the secrets of their flavour and botanical profiles.


Once newly versed in the botanical flavour profiles you can now create a gin tailored to your personal palate. We provide large range of locally sourced Tasmanian botanicals to fully customize your gin, including lemon myrtle, saffron and lavender. You decide.


Now you have finalised your bespoke recipe, the distillation process begins in our individual clear stills, so the entire process is ‘crystal clear’ from start to finish.

Once distilled you leave with your own 500ml bottle of personally crafted gin to enjoy yourself or share with friends.


2:00pm – 4:00pm Saturdays, Gin masterclass taking a step through the ages to see how gin has evolved

$220 per person, minimum of 4, maximum of 8.

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