Taste test

Last night we hosted a tasting for our whisky inspired foods with a bunch of Tassie’s food officiando.

We featured Whisky & Venison, Wallaby & Juniper, Vodka & Scallop gourmet pies matched with ‘adults only’ chocolate & Cointreau, Rum & Raisin, and Whisky, Honey & Butterscotch ice-cream.

Have a look at these mouthwatering photos.

McHenry Distillers-Tasting-174

McHenry Distillers-Tasting-170

McHenry Distillers-Tasting-165

McHenry Distillers-Tasting-158

McHenry Distillers-Tasting-153

McHenry Distillers-Tasting-150

McHenry Distillers-Tasting-125

McHenry Distillers-Tasting-118

McHenry Distillers-Tasting-114

McHenry Distillers-Tasting-105

McHenry Distillers-Tasting-102