William McHenry in front of his still

Bill McHenry – Tasmanian Whisky Distilleries

McHenry and Sons-203Travel2next writer, Christina Pfeiffer recently interviewed me about McHenry distillery, our products and other things about Tasmania.

Although Tasmanian distilleries are small compared to others in such places as Ireland and Scotland, we have more distilleries than Ireland and our whisky holds it’s own on the world stage.

McHenry distillery is the southern-most distillery in the Commonwealth and located on the Tasman Peninsular which is rich in colonial history. We are the only distillery in Australia with our own spring water and I am sure the quality of the water is why our products are so good and popular.

The high average rainfall, being located near the sea and a temperate climate, the humidity is relatively high all year round which is ideal for maturing whisky.

The distillery is in its 6th year and we have roughly doubled our turnover each year.

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