William McHenry in front of his still

Bill McHenry – Tasmanian Whisky Distilleries

McHenry and Sons-203Travel2next writer, Christina Pfeiffer recently interviewed me about McHenry distillery, our products and other things about Tasmania.

Although Tasmanian distilleries are small compared to others in such places as Ireland and Scotland, we have more distilleries than Ireland and our whisky holds it’s own on the world stage.

McHenry distillery is the southern-most distillery in the Commonwealth and located on the Tasman Peninsular which is rich in colonial history. We are the only distillery in Australia with our own spring water and I am sure the quality of the water is why our products are so good and popular.

The high average rainfall, being located near the sea and a temperate climate, the humidity is relatively high all year round which is ideal for maturing whisky.

The distillery is in its 6th year and we have roughly doubled our turnover each year.

You can find the article here.

A restaurant called Noma

A restaurant called Noma was opened by a young man named René Redzepi back in 2004 in Copenhagen Demark. His restaurant was later awarded ‘The best restaurant in the world’ 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014.

Last year René Redzepi announced that Noma was going to come to Sydney to set up a pop-up restaurant for 10 weeks and bring out of all their team to share the Noma experience. Tickets to the pop-up restaurant sold out in 90 seconds!

Slo GinFor the past six months René and his team have been travelling to all corners of Australia to source the finest native produce, locally produced craft beer, boutique wines and hand crafted artisan spirits.

On the opening of Noma today in Sydney we proudly announce that we represent 4 of the 23 spirits selected along side 8 fellow Aussie distillers represented in the two-Michelin Star restaurant Noma Australia.

The products selected include…

1) McHenry Classic Dry Gin
2) McHenry Progress Release Whisky
3) McHenry PUER
4) McHenry Sloe Berry Eau De Vie (Made especially for Noma)

What an honour…where to from here? Thank you to all of our friends and family for supporting us from the day we began the new chapter of our life in Tasmania at McHenry Distillery.